Service and maintenance

Of course you can contact us with any questions. But to make life easier for you, there's a lot you can do yourself to keep your e-tuk in mint condition or fix issues. Check below!

Short manual

El Manuel knows all about our vehicle... Unfortunately, most people only ask Manuel after something goes wrong... Our advice: avoid all problems on forehand and RTFM!

Order parts

We once needed to get our parts in a small Bangkok store, without part numbers and a Thai speaking guy with 3 inches of hair from his mole. Now, you simply order your parts online!

e-Tuk Tech Times

We keep all our customers up to date about new developments and possible issues in our Tech Times newsletter. You can re-read them here (link requires subscription), (sign up newsletter)

Workshop Manual

El Manuels Big Brother. This is for your local service partner and tells him to everything they need to know. We call him Big Manuel (myetuk account required)


Youtube channel

Many problems you can tackle yourself. Check Marijn's personification of El Manuel. Marijn is the designer of the electric Tuk, and now Chief Tuk Tech Stuff. And he has his own youtube channel. Cool. 


Of course we guarantee that your e-tuk is delivered in mint condition. We have different warrantees for different parts. Check them out.