August 28, 2016

Meet the newest family member

E-Tuk Limo GT

Tuk Tuk Factory proudly presents the eTuk Limo GT. As market leader in the marvellous field of electric Tuk Tuks, we learned a lot about your needs and wishes. So we’ve improved our fastest rising star, the e-Tuk Limo. The GT stands for Grand Tourism, by the way. Because it’s grand for tourists ... 


  • Reversable seats

  • Lower entry: crawl right in and out!

  • Higher roof means better vision

  • Better suspension means a smoother ride

  • Type approved all over the globe (except for really weird countries)

Fun, friendly and clean

We don’t believe in gasoline. It’s the past. That's why our e-Tuks are 100% electric. It has so many benefits we could write a book about it. But first we want to see our family grow and prosper. Just like your business. So here's the summary:

  • Freedom: with an e-tuk, you’re 100% autonomous. It’s agile, easy to drive and easy to park.

  • Scale: start with a big bang, or build your empire one e-Tuk at a time. It’s up to you!

  • Range: a humongous battery gets you further than the competition. Literally.

  • Low maintenance: the engine has less moving parts. Is it that simple? Yes, it is.

  • Low operational costs: gasoline is expensive and dirty. Electricity is cheap and clean.

  • High turnover: you can handle up to six passengers per ride. All day, and all of the night.

  • Type approved in most countries. You can immediately drive your e-tuk in almost every country in the world.