e-tuk cargo

Transportation is a lot more fun when you do it with this e-Tuk. An incredible mix of features. Fully electric means it’s not only silent and clean but it gets you more miles for your money. It’s also a moving billboard, by the way. Urban distribution and last mile delivery are fast growing markets and our Cargo fits the bill perfectly. From start-up to supermarket chain. 

  • Low maintenance
  • Real head turner (marketing value)
  • Cargo up to 385 kg
  • Agility (drive and park it in the smallest streets)


Community & delivery

They’re low maintenance. High quality. From community service to last-mile delivery. They’re electric and quiet, so they don’t pollute the streets of your town with dirty emissions and dumb noise. E-Tuks brighten up your community.


In hotels, resorts or convention centers ... an e-Tuk Cargo not only transports anything, it also instantly puts a smile on the faces of your your guests.

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3 wheels means it's agile in narrow street and busy traffic.

Low costs

100% electric means low maintenance and operational costs.

Compact & strong

Big cargo space up to 500 KG and 3000 liters

Want your very own e-Tuk?

Why wait? The best time is always right now. Your very own e-Tuks is waiting for you! 

Find your local distributor

Of course we love to have you over in our Dutch headquarters. Take a test drive, have some cheese and get some tulips for the misses. But we can imagine you’re way too busy. No problemo. Just visit one of our local distributors near you.