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E-Tuk Cargo

Transportation is a lot more fun when you do it with this e-Tuk. 


e-Tuk Limo GT

Transports up to 4 passengers every ride. Low maintenance, High Turnover. For even more fun and friendliness. 


How to:

Make money

  • A unique experience
  • Ahead of the competition
  • Advertising space

Reduce costs

  • 100% electric means:
  • Low operational costs
  • Low maintenance costs

Import & support

  • Type approvals
  • Local distributors
  • Our services

Find your local distributor

Of course we love to have you over in our Dutch headquarters. Take a test drive, have some cheese and get some tulips for the misses. But we can imagine you’re way too busy. No problemo. Just visit one of our local distributors near you.