Fun, friendly and clean

We don’t believe in gasoline. It’s the past. That's why our e-Tuks are 100% electric. It has so many benefits we could write a book about it. But first we want to see our family grow and prosper. Just like your business. So here's the summary: 

  • Freedom: with an e-tuk, you’re 100% autonomous

  • Scale: think big, start small and build your empire one Tuk at a time

  • Range: the humongous battery gets you further than the competition. Literally.

  • Service: e-Tuks are very low maintenance. But if you need us, we’re here.

  • Paperwork: we’ve got EU type approval. And our local distributors can help you with the other paperwork 

E-tuks product range

An e-tuk for every market

Transport tourists, bananas or coffee. Through the city, to the airport, a hotel, festival or beach party. An e-Tuk gets the job done with more fun. In the taxi-, vending-,  hospitality- and utilitybusiness around the globe, our e-tuks are fast rising stars. So hop on!

Find your local distributor

Of course we love to have you over in our Dutch headquarters. Take a test drive, have some cheese and get some tulips for the misses. But we can imagine you’re way too busy. No problemo. Just visit one of our local distributors near you.