Fun, Friendly, Electric

Fun, Friendly, Electric

Tuk Tuk Factory produces and sells Fun & Friendly Electric Vehicles with an exotic Flavour everywhere across the globe. Check out our range of unique vehicles designed to offer you higher turnover and lower costs. Curious how other did it before you, look at Project & Cases

TukTuk Products

Our e-Tuk Classico, our smallest & cutest vehicle is for up to three passengers and 70-80 km of good fun. Great for electric taxi, rental, public transport, shuttle services, touristic tours, mobile marketing. This agile and friendly vehicle is easy to drive for everybody. It maneuvers easily through traffic but still gives you an exciting and swift ride. As all of our vehicles it draws a lot of attention thanks to its looks.

Flex Overschie, Tuk Tuk Company

Our e-Tuk Cargo is an incredible mix of features. First of all it has an electric drive-train, making it silent and clean. The big cargo space comes in 2 versions. The basic e-Tuk Cargo excels in low cost per kilometer, agility and advertising value. Our e-Tuk Cargo XL does the same trick, but adds a total of 3 m3 Cargo space to that. The sharp pricing makes electric distribution profitable. Especially if you want your urban distribution to be high profile this is the perfect vehicle for you. Whether you manage a supermarket supply chain or whether are shop owner, this vehicle can start saving you money tomorrow and make some advertising while doing so!

Our e-Tuk Limo is a real smooth cruiser, great for VIP transport. This vehicle lets you create a party for up to 6 passengers, unique for an electric vehicle! It is the ultimate vehicle for recreation, public transport, shuttle services, city centre tours, beach sides, campings, hotels, natural reserves, holiday parks, children daycare etc. And the Limo offers massive space for advertisements. This makes this vehicle a true money making machine.

Bontuk, Tuk Tuk Company

The e-Tuk Vendo is making ultimate use of the attraction it has to people, due to its fun and friendly appearance. It acts as a mobile shop, enabling you to sell straight out of the vehicle. The large battery pack allows you to operate autonomously from power sources outdoors and also drive it pollution free indoors. You can adapt the vehicle to for example ice cream selling, a deluxe espresso bar and all other thinkable vending or promoting purposes. We can provide 3rd parties with detailed drawings and information for the interior build-up, prior to delivery of your vehicle.

Toetie Froetie, Tuk Tuk Company

TukTuk About us

TukTuk About Us

Tuk Tuk Factory is on a mission. Our passionate team is dedicated to help you create not just a greener, but also a more colorful environment. And yes, why not a more profitable one as well …? We are making our 100% electric e-Tuks in serial production. We don’t believe in gasoline. We obtained WVTA* and COP** in 2010.

Whether you drive our electric vehicles in the city centre, on the seaside, passenger terminals, islands, in the mountains or in natural reserves, our e-Tuks fit the bill. Whether you drive our e- Tuks as electric taxis, as LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle), as electric Cargo, utility vehicle NEV (neighborhood vehicle), sightseeing vehicle, or just electric city transport, or mobile vending, and our e-Tuks fit the bill.

Our sister company Tuk Tuk Company is in the events business. So we know what it is you need, and made our vehicles to support your business. This means we maximized turnover (space, passengers, autonomy, appeal) and minimized costs (low-maintenance & fuel cost). In fact, if you drive 80 kilometers a day, the costs for electricity and lease will often be less than your monthly gasoline bill.


*(EU Type Approval) / ** (Conformity of Production)

TukTuk Our Factory

TukTuk Our Factory

In 2009 Tuk Tuk Factory sought contact with the roots of the Tuk Tuk: a business trip to Asia and Thailand. A successful partnership within Thailand was started. Within 8 months a prototype was produced based on the Dutch engineering experience and Thai authentic charm. Within the same period, this prototype was licensed with an European type approval. We are very proud at our mixed Thai and Dutch prototyping team for achieving this great result in such short notice.

Soon after a small series production was started for the first customers. Slowly our Thai production team grow in members, friends and experience. At the end of 2011 -in order to enable more speed in production- a new Thai company was set up: TTF (Thailand) Co.  This new company is dedicated to deliver electric Tuk Tuk’s with the highest care for the product.
It’s international management is focused on a smooth production. For this, processes are set up in which quality is integrated and assured. Besides production, customizations and development projects are also performed by the Thai team. Our team is enthusiastic, very proud of the product and feels like a family (our badminton competition is legendary).

We guarantee that every vehicle, every part is made with dedication, love and care.

TukTuk Examples & Cases

Get back to work

So many ambitious people are looking for a job, especially now. We have several customers that tap into this great potential. A great example is a project in Rotterdam, called Flex.  offers low cost public transport from door to door. They use long-term unemployed people as drivers and trains to them so they can find a job as taxi, tram or bus driver.

Our environmentally friendly vehicles also help to improve air-quality in the city. The project is being copied by other municipalities in the Netherlands. Our Portuguese distributor is working on Vendo in combinations with microcredit.

Hop on board

The cruise market is growing and growing. And so is business at the cruise terminals. Take for instance Bon Tuk. On the beautiful Caribbean island of Bonaire Bon Tuk offers tours to tourists and taxi rides to locals. The range increases due to the easy driving and hot temperature.

The passengers coming from the cruise ships love the bird watching or a sunset cocktail with the e-Tuk and give great reviews and income for Bon Tuk. In absence of a cruise ship, the Tuks can offer City Tours around Town. We´d definitely like to see our Tuks at every Passenger Terminal on the planet!

Sell it like it is

Our e-Tuk Vendo helps you to create an instant flagship store. Take a look at the company Toetie Froetie sells fresh fruit and fruit shakes from our e-Tuk Vendo. The fun nature of our vehicle attracts people to this mobile vending vehicle.

The unique character makes this selling machine stand out in any location. Soon the e-Tuk Vendo will be driving around all across Europe, selling coffee, fruit, ice cream,etc.

Let's go out

Whether you call it a company incentive, a break-out, or a company outing we all know what it means: yes, your boss need to take the team out on a day at least once a year!

Several companies focus on this market. In fact, our own sister company Tuk Tuk Company uses our Limo.

Keep it quiet

Although in the city our vehicles are great for stirring things up a bit, they can keep it quiet in natural reserve areas. De Weerribben is a natural reserve area that receives 2million tourist and wants to be silent area. Before using our vehicles they didn’t allow any vehicles in the reserve only boats.

Tuk Tuk Watereijk now offers tours through and to the reserve. Our vehicle don’t scare away any of the wildlife and due to their open character you get the feeling of being one with nature.

TukTuk Press

Global Sales

Verrijn Stuartweg 22p
1112 AX  Diemen

Office: +31 (0)20 61 384 21


Verrijn Stuartweg 22p
1112 AX  Diemen

Office: +31 (0)20 61 384 21

[email protected] [email protected]

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Distributor Germany

eTukTuk GmbH
Rothenburg Strasse 36, 12163 Berlin
+49 (0)30 5165 5100 
[email protected]

Distributor Portugal

Extrapole - Consulting
Porto Novo
Maciera de Cambra 3730301, Vale de Cambra
+35 1917232661 [email protected]

Dealer Paris region, France

Allo TukTuk
rue 2 cler
75007 Paris
+33 (0)628 976451 [email protected]

Distributor USA

11901 Allison st
Broomfield, CO 80020
[email protected]

Distributor Beirut, Libanon

E-Drive s.a.l.
Asharief Tower, Doumani Street
Beirut, Libanon
T: + 961 3 450045
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Distributor Madrid, Spain

Campo de Las Naciones
Calle de la Ribera del Loira, 46
Madrid, Spain
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Distributor Italy

Automotive Group
Via Calvi 3
20219 Milano
+39 0274 91242
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Distributor Switzerland

eTukTuk Schweiz GmbH
Albisriederstrasse 399
CH-8047 Zürich
[email protected]

Dealer Czech Republic

Rooseveltova 1423
251 01 Říčany
Czech Republic
+42 0608227574
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Distributor Australia & NZ

Bongo Transit
2/9 Edgewater Close
3225 Point Lonsdale
Victoria, Australia
T: +61 418 366-034
[email protected]

Dealer Norway

Engine Room AS
Ramstadsletta 18
1363 Høvik, Norway
+47 67520300
[email protected]

Dealer Angola

Rua do BFA, Travessa 21
Casa 1, Benfica
[email protected]



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